Auckland, part of Hamilton City. Named after Frank Jolly, the uncle of the first settler who bought the land owned by Major Keddell, who was one of the military settlers at Hamilton. It seems that the area was first referred to as Franks Town, then shortened to Frankton. Though the railway reached Jolly's land in 1872, the branch line to the Hamilton and the junction Hamilton Junction. In 1884 Hamilton Junction was renamed Frankton Junction, changed to Frankton in 1955.


First station NIMT 84.29 south of Auckland.

Section Newcastle (Ngaruawahia) Hamilton (Frankton) 10.33 opened 19.12.1877 (AJHR E1 1878)

On opening took name of town one mile away and named after Capt John Charles Fane Hamilton of the Naval Brigade who died in action at Gate Pa (12)

Name changed to Hamilton Jnc on opening of extension of line into Hamilton town on 20.10.1879 (Hamilton Times 18.10.1879)

Frankton Jnc on 1.10.1884 with opening of line to Morrinsville (Waikato Times 1.10.1884)

Frankton was named after Frank, elder son of Tom Jolly, who gave the land free of charge on which station stood (Waikato Times 30.10.1985

Alterations 1890, 1895 shed for guards, porters and stores, 1899 additions for P & T at cost to P & T of #78.7.1, 1902 adds to guards, porters and store room, 1904 adds at cost to P & T of #25 and railway #33.3.0., 1906 verandah extension. (4)

1906 guards and porters room destroyed by fire (Argus 9.10.06)

Station closed Sunday 20.6.1909 (Train Advice DTM Auckland no 546 of 18.6.1909)

Second station 10 chains north of old station opened 11pm 20.6.1909

Train Advice DTM Auckland 546 of 18.6.09

AJHR D2 1917 Stores and orderly room for Railway Battalions.

AJHR D2 1923 Adds parcel accommodation.

AJHR D2 1926 Improved refreshment room accommodation

Over the years the station buildings were regularly added to so that at its closure on 19.7.1975 the buildings extended the whole length of the platform between the two signal boxes.

AJHR B7A Estimates to provide accommodation at station for postal purposes #550 for 1915 and #60 for 1916.

AJHR D2 1915. A separate building for the post office was erected in 1915.

AJHR B7A 1919 Estimates for postal accommodation at station #760 for 1920 and in 1921 additional mail room #800.

Feb 1934 RE Auckland file 18217/8 memo 7.2.1934. For premises on station P & T paid maintanence costs and lease was #50 pa but increased in the year to #70 pa owing to recent additions. Frankton Jnc PO opened in the railway station on 1.9.1886 with F.J. Pope as postmaster. The first list of railway employees appeared in 1895 and in that issue there was an F.J.Pope as a signalman. I can find no other person with that name and initial so it would appear that when he was appointed as Postmaster he was a porter. (Gazette 17.5.1906)

Station builds demolished starting August 1975.


Frankton Junction Railway station postcard.jpg


frankton junction waikato nz.jpg

frankton juncton railway station photo of postcard.jpg

rotorua express leaving frankton.jpg

rotorua train at frankton photo of postcard.jpg

A Class 1886-1965 Type III 22 dia GPO Pr.28.12.87 Proof-date only in m/s NO copies seen
Type I (b) 21.5 dia Ind.A-C 8MY95-18OC01 Shown as 'FRANKTON Jn'
P.O. Impr.Br. shows 'ENGLISH' type d/s dated 12OC01, seen 31 OC 01


Before 1st 'A' Class - 28.12.87 (P) N.Z. in datestamp
Between 'A' Class 8MY95 N-Z in datestamp.? Oblit A57

Squared Circle 1SP1886 - 8FE1965 Type C Proofed 1.FE 04/4 Ind.1-7,00 & Blank Name abbreviated for Frankton Junction. From MR13 on, several have been seen without index number

Parcel Roller Cancellations Type D1 Proofed 1/10/37 m/s Gaps 1.5mm Name 1.5mm

Frankton Jn Rwly Jan 1901 - 31.12.1958

Parcel Roller Cancellations Type D3 Proof April 53 m/s Bars 8.5mm Name 1.5mm Office closed 31.12.58


1.9.86 F.J.Pope
1.1.87 A .Eyes
18.3.97 Hy E.Burr
15.12.97 Herbert Williams
11.1.99 William Crowley
9.3.06 PO from railway to non permanent.
See file on Frankton. Mail Coach.



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